Eligibility Requirements:

  • • The organization you nominate must be based in the electoral District of Parry Sound Muskoka
  • • Innovations you describe must be successful, either commercially or among the intended end users
  • • Innovations must be current and demonstrate elements as outlined in the Scoring Criteria
  • • Innovations may be from any sector
  • • As nominator you must have the permission from your organization before submitting the online application.

Note: Submissions which focus on lifetime achievement or innovative work not yet proven in the intended marketplace WILL NOT be accepted for evaluation.

Contest Rules

The PMCN Selection Committee shall consider the one-page submission (or video) describing the organization you nominate on condition that PMCN:

  • • Shall not return such material or any portion thereof to the nominator.
  • • May disclose the names of the nominator, the organization they nominate and of the innovation disclosed in such material as PMCN considers appropriate.
  • • And the Award sponsors may also utilize photos, award videos and additional information as they deem appropriate on the finalist organizations and the nominator (e.g. for press releases, advertisements, website).
  • • Reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or suspend this contest, at its discretion, at any time without prior notice.

All contest entries obtained through unauthorized sources or which are incomplete or in any way not in compliance with these Contest Rules are automatically void as are entries if the photograph/videos in the entry:

  • • Contain any third party trade-marks, name or logos without the consent of the respective owners;
  • • Include any nudity, lewd or obscene behaviour; or
  • • Infringe the intellectual property or privacy of a third party

PMCN is not responsible for lost or late entries.

PMCN is not responsible for any miscommunications, failed communications systems, software malfunctions, or for any human errors in connection with this contest.

The prizes must be accepted as awarded. No substitutions of the prizes are permitted except by PMCN at its discretion. PMCN reserves the right to substitute any of the prizes with other prizes of equal or greater value if any prize cannot be awarded as described for any reason. Prizes are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash or credit, in whole or in part

No claim shall be made and no action shall be brought against PMCN, its Directors, Officers, employees or members of the Selection Committee arising out of the use made of such material or of any such disclosure.

The nominee warrants that disclosure of material submitted with, or in support of, his/her nomination does not breach the terms of any contract of employment or any other contract, and that he/she is entitled to make use of the material.

The decision of the PMCN Selection Committee is final. If in the opinion of the Selection Committee there are no nominees considered suitable during a given year, no Awards shall be given.

By registering each nominator confirms the organization they are nominating has agreed to be bound by the Contest Rules. A nominator may nominate their organization in as many categories as the nominator thinks the organization qualifies for an award providing the organization being nominated has agreed to participate.

Nomination Procedures — When nominators submit an application they are acknowledging that they and the organization (they are nominating) agree to be bound by the Contest Rules as provided on this website.

Confidentiality — Nominations may be sent to outside experts for assessment. While the evaluators are asked to keep their findings confidential, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE CONFIDENTIALITY. Therefore, if this is of concern, please wait until your invention is protected by a patent, trademark or other means before entering the competition.

Scoring Criteria — Please see Scoring Criteria for the evaluation criteria against which your nomination will be evaluated, along with other elements that may deem your nomination as ineligible. Your nomination will not be considered complete unless ALL of the requirements have been met.

Scoring Criteria

Once received, the organization you nominate will be evaluated on the criteria outlined below.
On a possible maximum score of 100, each category will be awarded a maximum of 20 points, ranging from 'limited' to 'outstanding'. Each of these criteria are essential to the evaluation of your nomination:

  • • Intellectual Achievement - The degree of intellectual achievement or quality of ingenious thinking and experiment to discover, create or conceive the innovation.
  • • Uniqueness and Originality - Refers to the state of being original; the freshness of aspect, design or style utilized to produce the invention.
  • • Development - Refers to the extent to which the idea or concept has been thought through to completion.
  • • Commercialization - Refers to the degree of successful commercialization or quantifiable impact of the innovation (not forecasted or projected).
  • • Benefits - Refers to the economic and/or social benefit resulting from the innovation.

Common Mistakes Leading to Disqualification

Proven impact is critical! If the innovation is not yet commercial or, in the case of social innovations quantifiably in use by the people it is intended for, it will not be considered a qualified nomination for that year's competition;

The commercialization and benefits will be judged on factual outcomes to date, not projected sales or intended benefit;

Your application will be disqualified if you do not secure the permission and support of the organization you nominate to participate.

Contest Process

Semi-finalists will be notified in early January 2018 and are to participate at the Interview Day (provisionally set as Saturday, January 20, 2018) to participate as described below:

Stage 1:

Once applications are closed, PMCN will evaluate entries and select up to 5 semi-finalists for each category of innovation award who will move on to the next stage.

Stage 2:

Interview Day. This will be a busy day when the PMCN Selection Committee will be interviewing up to 25 semi- finalists across five categories to select up to 3 finalists (including a winner) in each category.

  • Session 1: Each semi- finalist will have 2 minutes to present their "elevator pitch" of their innovation and have the session videotaped.
  • Session 2: Involves a 10-minute interview with PMCN Selection Committee

The identity of the winner in each category will be kept confidential until the Awards Night. Within 3 days of the Interview Day, the three finalists in each category will be announced.

Stage 3:

The videos of the ‘elevator pitch’ for the three finalists for each category will be uploaded and displayed on the PMCN website as well as displayed on other approved sponsor websites from February 16, 2018. The finalists will also receive copies of the video of their presentation for their own use. The finalists will receive 2 complementary tickets to attend the Awards night (provisionally set as March 22, 2018 at the JW Marriott in Minett).

Finalists are encouraged to get family and friends to buy tickets and attend the event to provide moral support for the finalists.

Stage 4:

Finalist attend the Awards Night where the winner of each category will be announced, and given an IMPACT Award. Other prizes in the form of donated services from sponsors may also be awarded.